Announcement Part Deux!


So a few weeks ago, we excitedly put out an announcement that we’d be up and running with the new season by now (hopefully!) well, as we keep facing questions, ideas and changes to our thoughts on exactly what that show should be, we’re taking a little longer. On October 19th The Note Show will be 2 years old and so we are now seeing that as our deadline for the final show release.

In the interim, we are going to put out the remaining interviews with April Kelley and Sara Huxley of Mini Productions, Rob Paulsen of almost every cartoon ever, Silas Hite our old friend and returning guest to talk about his score for the series Chef’s Table + Musical Workshops and of course the wonderful Mikolai Stroinski to talk about his score for The Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt.

Also, we expect some guest appearances from friends like Sam Hughes of The Sound Architect and there is a potential trial panel episode in the works featuring old friends like Michael Beddoes and Mark Brennan to discuss indie filmmaking and UK cinema.

Stay tuned, and we’ll be back soon!

Arnold Schwarzenegger I'll be back

Elias Note & The Note Show Crew


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Author: Note

Elias Note is an English writer and interviewer. He grew up playing jazz and classical music and studying Musical Orchestration. He is a children's author and an app designer creating things that make life a little easier and a little more productive for everyone who uses them. He loves music, movies, books, comics and talking to skilled and talented artists about their work.

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