The Most Anticipated Web Series of 2014

The Year’s Most Anticipated Web Series

These days, it seems like hardly anyone is watching television on an actually television anymore, and now in addition to television series that can also be streamed online, online networks are creating shows that are only meant for and show on the Internet. Some of the best series in recent years have been created only to be seen online, and in the coming years, television experts expect more and more web series to be cropping up. Interested in knowing more about what web series will be playing in the years to come? Then check out the list below. It contains 3 web-based series that are receiving tons of hype, with audiences anxiously anticipating their premieres!

Orange is the New Black – Season 2

The first season of Orange is the New Black, a web series created by Netflix was an immense success in terms of rating and critical reception. So, viewers rejoiced when Netflix announced they’d be making a second season of the beloved series by Jenji Kohan. While the release date hasn’t been officially set yet, the second season is planned to be premiere in early 2014, and it will continue to tell the story of Piper Chapman, who is in jail for a drug crime she unwittingly committed year earlier. Orange is the New Black is receiving tons of acclaiming for featuring a group of characters that often go unseen on the television and in the movies – including queer women, women in jail, and characters of a huge rage of ethnicities and races.




A new animated web series that has caught peopels’ eye is Chinafornia – a new series written with the same comedic overtones as The Daily Show and The Simpsons. The show takes place in American in 2018, when the economy is in chaos. The country decides to make amends for their debts, they will give China the state of California – and hence, Chinafornia. A little bit politically incorrect and a little bit inspiring,  Chinafornia has caught the attention of critics and film and television experts, like the Tribeca Film Institute, Filmmaker Magazine and The Moth. The release date hasn’t been set yet, but we can expect to see episodes starting in early 2014.


 For all you sports lovers out there, ATLX (which stands for Athletics, Training, Lifestlye) will launch INsdiers, a new webseries about the world’s best coaches, athetetes, trainers, sports doctors, psychologists, and more. INsiders is one of the first series announced by the new sports-based webchannel premiering in 2014. ATLX will be the first and only sports TV network to dedicate its programming entirely to everyday athletes and their athletic lifestyle. While the premiere date hasn’t been set yet, the show will kick off in early 2014.

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  1. Orange is the New Black had a HUGE success and I freakin’ love this series. It’s different, funny and has just enough dramatic scenes that it makes you keep tuning in episode after episode.

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