Episode 13: Dave Asprey (The Bulletproof Executive)

This week, Note talks to Dave Asprey, author of the Bulletproof Executive.

They discuss creativity, skin care, bio-hacking, how a healthy diet can change your brain chemistry, fertility, and how to overcome your own bad habits to be more productive.

Show Links:

* The Bulletproof Executive
* The Bulletproof Diet
* Bulletproof Coffee
* Focus Brain Trainer
* The Bulletproof Conference
* The Bulletproof Diet Book
* 40 Years of Zen
* Purigenex
* Andy Hnilo
* Alitura
* Brain Octane
* Creativity Inc
* One in Two
* The Better Baby Book

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Author: Note

Elias Note is an English writer and interviewer. He grew up playing jazz and classical music and studying Musical Orchestration. He is a children's author and an app designer creating things that make life a little easier and a little more productive for everyone who uses them. He loves music, movies, books, comics and talking to skilled and talented artists about their work.

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  1. This proved to be more helpful than I thought! I bookmarked his site and hope to stick to it because the last year was really hectic and didn’t manage to do anything else except going to work and coming home just to go to sleep. By the way, tetanus is actually very dangerous guys, so make sure you go to the nearest hospital immediately!

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  2. Wow! I learned a whole lot from this interview! Now, if I run into someone who smokes or talks about marijuana getting legalized in their state, I can also tell them how marijuana causes people to age.
    I also listened to the tidbit of info on this show regarding how men usually do not care about how they look. It is true! The facts are right on millions of mens faces! Joshua, if you ever think about it or if you ever have the time, I would like you and everyone else who reads this post, to browse through any dating website. If you do, click on men starting from the age of 18 up to age 100+.
    A lot of men after age 24 really look older than what they are! I am 38 1/2. Most men in my age group look like dumpy old hags! To add, that was some great and useful information about collagen.
    Also, eating a healthy diet is great. We as humans truly are what we eat.

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  3. Shame on me, I never heard of Dave and his bulletproof system; it’s great that his site focuses on many levels of human. This was very helpful!

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