Episode 31: Jason Graves (The Order 1886, Tomb Raider, Dead Space)

I’m joined this week by the phenomenal composer Jason Graves. He is more recently known for his musical scores for Dead Space, Tomb Raider, and The Order 1886.

In this episode, we talked about dealing with creative pressure and deadlines, staying humble, and the importance of good relationships in the game design industry.

Jason also talks in depth about his musical contributions to The Order 1886 and Tomb Raider, the writing process for those games, the first two questions he asks every game developer when he starts a project, why he chooses to limit his options, and why he prefers live musical performances over software.

Jason also shares some great advice for aspiring composers.

“I want to grow, I want to try something different. I don’t want to remain in the same place. I want to try new things and grow as an artist; that’s what keeps me happy.”

“I’m actually a fan of figuring out what instruments I don’t want to use *before* I figure out what instruments I *do* want to use.”

“Live is great, and what’s appropriate for one game is completely not appropriate for another”

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Author: The Note Show

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