Mikaela Fitness – If you’re into weight training, great food, Sweden and other generally healthy things then one of my favourite people in the whole world is your next stop! Mikaela is an aspiring fitness model and a fitness instructor in Stockholm who cooks fantastic recipes filled with healthy body healing goodness that also taste great! I know this because when I’m in Stockholm I go to her place and steal them… but shhh don’t tell her it was me.  I have learned more about fitness and training from her than any other person I’ve met by a long stretch.  She helped me go from total newbie to a guy who wakes up excited to get to the gym and do battle with a barbell.  British Champ Ricky Moore once described her by saying ‘Mikaela absolutely pushes herself to the limit every workout she does, she’s a machine’ whilst looking at me as if to say ‘Stop eating all that pizza, Joshy.’  If you’re in Stockholm or just want some daily inspiration, check out her instagram feed and follow her on twitter!


Mikaela Muscles


Stickman Fridays  – Want more Joshua Note, with a Dutch Twist? Here’s a side project I do with one of my 4 best friends (it’s important, you’ll probably get to know them all) We talk about ‘life, love, and everything in between’ – currently on Hiatus due to a packed schedule but will return at some point.  There are 8 episodes available on topics like BioHacking, Fitness, Meditation, Friendship and Life and also a few articles you can pick up.

MindLiftLearning – For my co-host’s more hands on (Stickman Friday’s is us generally having fun!) take on improving fitness, cognitive function, study skills and physical abilities, Kasper Van Der Meulen of Ink Warriors and many long distance marathons has created a site to educate people about health and fitness. He’s a long distance runner, fat loss expert and teacher, I have personally learned from him and I recommend stopping by his site and having a read or listen to his upcoming interviews with fitness experts.

Mike Jones Jazz Piano  – Our favourite swingin’ cat, Jazz Pianist and Musical Director of the Penn and Teller Show Mike Jones (Episode 5) and his new CD ‘Plays Well With Others’