Episode 18: Lisa Jakub


This week I talk to Lisa Jakub, former actress in movies like Mrs Doubtfire and Independence Day about what she’s done since her days in Hollywood; learning to be a writer and reflecting on her 18 year career.  We have a lot of laughs and she shares some great lessons, not to mention one of my favourite stories about one of my big heroes, Robin Williams.  Lisa’s book is due out in 2015 and we can’t wait!

Show Links:

* Lisa Jakub
* Lisa’s AMA on Reddit 
* Lisa talks about her last audition (for The Aviator)
* The Goldfinch
* The Heart Math Solution
* Daily Pages (750 Words)

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Author: Note

Elias Note is an English writer and interviewer. He grew up playing jazz and classical music and studying Musical Orchestration. He is a children's author and an app designer creating things that make life a little easier and a little more productive for everyone who uses them. He loves music, movies, books, comics and talking to skilled and talented artists about their work.

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  1. Mrs. Doubtfire has to be my absolute favorite movie ever! Indeed, Lisa Jakub didn’t change at all after all these years and I can bet it’s not only the yoga; she really has some good genes. This was a really nice podcast, Joshua!

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    • Don’t forget the Yoghurt! Very important Yoghurt! haha thanks for the comment! :)

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  2. I really enjoyed listening to your show. This was a wonderful episode. Although Lisa Jakub played in Mrs. Doubtfire, it never crossed my mind (not even once) that she also played in the movie Rambling Rose!
    My God! This film was excellent! I absolutely loved this film! However, the end of the movie was very sad and surprised me about its outcome. In this film, Lisa participated in a movie that shared information (in caption at the end of the film) about America’s ugly past concerning the sterilization of thousands (perhaps millions) of individuals .
    These individuals consisted of women who were black American (and other minorities {?}), the mentally ill, and MR women. The movie Mrs. Doubtfire was so hip and unforgettable. Lisa was excellent in it.
    And, I’m sorry to hear that she has retired as an actress and that she will not be in the Mrs. Doubtfire sequel.
    However, I do admire and respect her decision regarding her career change and the reasons behind her decision. Not only is she a former actress, she is a person, too.
    At first, when I listened to the middle of the interview, I thought that she sounded like she was searching for what she should do in life. However, that is not the case.
    She is to be commended. My, how the years have flown by! She became a college grad, wife, and mother! To continue, her choice to do yoga and meditation is pretty neat. Both have a soothing and calming effect.
    Further, Joshua, I like how you tactfully compared actors from centuries ago to how they are looked upon today. Acting is a form of art . It’s great! Furthermore, I was a little concerned that since Lisa Jakub is not acting anymore, did her parents put money back for her while she was growing up, so that she could have live a comfortable life and do whatever she she chose/chooses, etc.?
    I asked this question because child actors have also been known for financial hardships after keeping out of the limelight for so long.
    Then, she mentioned having a literary agent and everything. Hey, it sounds like this young lady has her head on her shoulders! Smart woman!

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    • Hey King! Thank you for your thoughtful comment! She’s not a mother actually but she’s all those other things. I think it’s great that she’s done so much too, I had a really nice time talking to her. I actually didn’t ask Lisa about the Mrs Doubtfire sequel as I wasn’t aware of it until about 3 days before we talked and from what she’d said I gathered that she wasn’t in it, and I don’t think she’d be looking to be either but it’s a shame I think… I’d love to see all the kids reprise their roles in the movie and have Mrs Doubtfire interacting with grandkids or something! 😛 Thanks again.

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  3. This was a very entertaining listen, love hearing super-motivating people that uplift you and focus on the good things. I’m actually glad Lisa didn’t follow in Hollywood steps and decided to become a writer.

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