Vintage Episodes

So…. about the archives

There are quite a few episodes that have been deleted from the original part of series one, and it’s a personal debate whether or not to re-edit and release them, as at the time we didn’t even have an editor! It was just myself and our now Senior Producer Lark Ismail booking guests, mainly friends, and putting out shows when we could.

In Matt Donnelly’s first appearance, I talked about the reason those shows were deleted, and it came down simply to the fact that there is a strange tendency (at least in my view) for people to go back through iTunes and begin listening to a Podcast at episode 1 … you know the one where you have NO idea what you’re doing and you’re cringing 6 months later when you hear it back.

The thing is, those episodes, though rough, are a part of the history of the show. We’re currently trying to locate some of them it has to be said but once we’ve done that and listened back, maybe with a caveat opener, we’ll think about adding them to the playlist again. If you guys have any thoughts or suggestions on this, and whether or not you’d like to hear those episodes, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

Thanks and stay tuned!

Elias Note & The Note Show Crew

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Author: Note

Elias Note is an English writer and interviewer. He grew up playing jazz and classical music and studying Musical Orchestration. He is a children's author and an app designer creating things that make life a little easier and a little more productive for everyone who uses them. He loves music, movies, books, comics and talking to skilled and talented artists about their work.

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